My name is Alex Kaplan and I enjoy helping people do more with technology. I have experience in the computer, networking and robotics industries.

I am currently a Project Manager for ASI Marine. A brief summary of my work experience is below if you're interested.



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About Alex

Below is a quick summary of my work history. If you want more details, see my LinkedIn profile or contact me. If you were hoping the "about" section would include my favorite book, color, hour of the day, or my views on the meaning of life, you're in the wrong place. Maybe we should go for a walk sometime and I'll fill you in. :-)

My obsession with understanding how things work drove me to program and build computer systems as a child. As a young adult, my interest in data and networking (and a lack of expendable income) pushed me to build my own servers and provide friends and family with cloud-like services, many of which would not become freely available to the general public for another 5-10 years. From there, it was a natural fit to start managing other people’s computers and networks. In 2000 I began providing remote technical support for individuals and small businesses, designing and building networks and server infrastructures, and managing cloud services for my clients.

As I was starting a small IT business, I also found myself working with robotics and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). I have been working in the robotic inspection industry since 2001, and have filled many roles since:
  • Small electronics diagnostic and repair
  • ROV testing and development
  • Technical sales
  • ROV Piloting (Thousands of hours)
  • Supervising projects in the field
  • Project management
  • Corporate operations management

My work with ROVs has expanded my knowledge of the world in ways I never could have imagined. As someone who despises monotony, it is a blessing to be constantly exposed to new places, technologies, and industries.

I am currently a Project Manager for ASI Marine. ASI Marine (part of ASI Group) specializes in underwater inspections and surveys. Being a father and working with ASI takes up most of my time, and I am not actively seeking new IT customers.

I remain very interested in computers and technology beyond robotics. I am a strong proponent of free speech and an open internet, and have a particular interest in data encryption, secure communications, backup solutions, and open formats.

My LinkedIn profile has more information about my employment history.


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